Why SRQ?

I am Rabbi Jennifer Singer, and I live in Sarasota Florida. Like every other airport, ours has a three-letter locator ID. Unlike almost every other city in the US, ours uses the airport locator as our nickname. Hence, SRQ.

Sarasota is a wonderful and wacky city and people love it here. Unless of course you hate kitschy art, in which case you do not like driving by the downtown waterfront, which is home to The Statue. Love it or hate it, it has become an iconic symbol of the city.

I started this blog long before I became a rabbi. But it made sense to give it this name, because I worked for the Jewish community, raised funds for the Jewish community, brought up two daughters in the Jewish community, had a house filled with Jewish books… you get the picture.

I stopped writing the blog for several years and only begin again in 2017, just after my ordination. I kept the title because it sums up my essence (nearly) perfectly.