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As you might imagine, I am up to my eyeballs in Yom Kippur prep, so by the end of a long day of Technion work and hours of chanting, my brain has turned to mush.  So instead of writing anything original, I’m sharing the quirkiest and coolest prayer ever, written by my friend Krayna Castelbaum (my roommate at the Davvenin’ Leadership Training Institute).

Krayna is…. indescribable.  I’d say indescribably delicious, but some people (you know who you are!) might take it the wrong way.    See for yourself:

Krayna’s Blessing

I am blessing you for the most bodacious year ever! 

May your spiritual aspirations and desire quotient increase,

 such that they shoot you out of the confines

of anything even remotely appearing as obstacle! 

May your horizons grow and glow with wondrous new dreams and visions,

and may all the seeds you plant wiggle their way to loamy, nutritious top soil.