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You can build it very small 
You can build it very tall 
You can build it very large 
You can build it on a barge
You can build it on a ship 
Or on a roof but please don’t slip 
You can build it in an alley
You shouldn’t build it in a valley 
You can build it on a wagon 
You can build it on a dragon 
You can make the roof of wood 
Would you, could you, YES you should
Make the roof from leaves of tree
but shouldn’t bend it at the knee 
Build your Sukkah tall or short
No Sukkah’s built in the Temple Court
You can build it somewhat soon
But never in the month of June 
If your Sukkah is well made
You’ll have the right amount of shade 
You can build it very wide
You cannot build it on its side
Build if your name is Jim
Or Bob or Sam or even Tim
Build it if your name is Sue 
Do you build it, YES you do!
From the Sukkah you can roam
But you should treat it as your home 
You can invite some special guests
Don’t stay in if there are pests
You can sleep upon some rugs
Don’t you build it where there’re bugs
In the Sukkah you should sit
And eat and drink but never spit
If in the Sukkah it should rain
To stay there would be such a pain 
And if it should be very cold
Stay there only if you’re bold
So build a Sukkah one and all
Make it large or make it small
Sukkah rules are short and snappy
Enjoy Sukkot, rejoice be happy.


Thanks to Marden Paru for sending this.  He doesn’t know the original source — if you do, please let me know.  Hag Sameach!

P.S.  Here’s what Joe Florsheimer had to say:

All you had to do was ask.
It comes from Rabbi Art Gould
Congregation Bnai Israel
Bridgeport CT.