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Fascinating response from a group of kids when asked to list the five things they like best about Hanukah:

1.  Latkes

2. Gelt

3. Presents

4. Menorahs

5. Giving good things

Yes, you read that right.  GIVING good things, not getting them.  And notice that presents didn’t make it to the number one spot.

What would they change about the holiday?

1.  More decorations to represent Hanukah.

2.  Hanukah break at school.

3.  A figure or person to represent Hanukah (along the lines of Santa).

It was a small sampling; 6 kids in grades 4 through 8.  Still, I think it’s revealing, and important for us adults to pay attention.   Not that we can create a Hanukah school vacation.  But a supervised trip to an inexpensive store is pretty empowering for a little kid.  And what’s so bad about decorating, especially if it makes your kids happy? 

I know that Christmas has taken over the “holiday season” and has gotten completely out of hand, and we don’t want to blow Hanukah out of proportion (any more than it already has)  but I don’t see anything wrong with decorating and being festive.  Also, truth be told, I like Hanukah decorations.

Happy Hanukah.  I hope you enjoy the holiday, however you choose to celebrate.