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Well, it took 15 1/2 hours, but I got to New York safe and sound.  Celebrated with a margarita and a package of Oreos.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised that this made me think about gratitude, and to whom (Whom?) gratitude is due.

I’m grateful to  the troupe of tiny cheerleaders who did a routine in the middle of the airport.  And the driver who waited patiently for me at JFK, through hours of delay after delay.  And to the little girl who flashed me the sweetest smile when I pitched in a quarter so she could pay for her soda.  And to myself for rolling with the punches today.  And to all of you for your good wishes and good advice.

And yes, to Whatever Power that makes the world turn and airplanes fly and people essentially good — and the ability of vodka and chocolate to combine for a calming end to a long day.