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Here’s a great idea — rest from Friday evening through Saturday evening.  Nothing new, of course.  It’s the Jewish Sabbath, and “don’t work” is the watchword of the day.

So it’s interesting that several organizations are promoting a National Day of Unplugging from sunset on Friday, March 4, through Saturday, March 5.  

Not only do they want us to turn off our cell phones, they’re even selling a cell phone sleeping bag for a mere $7.99!  In addition to stashing your phone, you’re supposed to not go shopping, and keep the TV and computer turned off.  The goal is “respite from the business (and busyness) of our everyday lives.”

The unplugging idea is just the first of ten ideas that make up the Sabbath Manifesto, which calls itself “a creative project designed to slow down lives in an increasingly hectic world.” 

There really is nothing new under the sun, is there?  Anyway, here’s the Sabbath Manifesto:

1. Avoid Technology

2. Connect with loved ones.

3. Nurture your health.

4. Get outside.

5. Avoid commerce.

6. Light candles.

7. Drink wine.

8. Eat bread.

9. Find silence.

10. Give back.

Here’s a link:  National Day of Unplugging

I think it’s a little sad that it takes a website with a sign-up button to get us to do what’s 1) basic to Judaism, and 2) basic good sense.  But whatever it takes!