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When I finished my master’s degree in 2006, I thought I was done reading sentences such as:

“Indeed, the creative reintegration and renewal of the cosmos proves to be one of the fundamental duties of the religious virtuoso when engaging in the life of holiness.”

And I was pretty sure that I would never again have to read page-long paragraphs that include phrases like “normative categories of space and time,” and “transcendent ontological status,” and “blurring of cosmological and epistemological categories,” and especially “the two opposing foci of a complex dialectic.”

Yet here I sit, dutifully hacking my way through language as dense as a jungle forest.  Just as I imagine jungles to be (hey, I’ve seen my share of B movies) it is as beautiful as it is frustrating.

Gotta go and sharpen my machete for another foray.  I’m only on page 7 of 43.  It’s gonna be a long night.