A friend wondered on my Facebook page whether there was a specific blessing to be said after a hurricane has passed. 

In Judaism, there are blessings that are recited as part of a Jewish ritual, and those said before an activity (such as eating). And there are many Jewish blessings that are said in response to an event or experience.

While our tradition offers many liturgical blessings that we can use, sometimes we have to go it alone, and create a blessing that fits the need. 

Here is the one that I wrote this morning after my friend’s query, with some additions:

Holy One of Blessing, 

 Thank you for the gift of family and friends. 

Thank you for the people who put their own needs aside and worked at the shelters so that others could be safe. 

Thank you for the people at the news stations who stayed on-air for hours on end to keep us informed. 

Thank you for the police, fire, rescue, and military personnel who protected us during the storm and continue to do so. 

Dear God, my family and I are safe, and we are grateful.  And we know that there are others whose lives were changed forever.  Please watch over those who bore the brunt of this storm. Give them strength and courage, and help us help them through this difficult time.

And God, let your light shine on all who are in pain today as they commemorate the anniversary of 9/11.