Dear Mr. President,

This is what loyal Americans look like. Americans who are Jewish and gentile and Muslim and every other religion and no religion at all.

Americans who are black and brown and white.

Americans who are frightened school children and frustrated elders. Americans of every age, of every gender, of every nationality. Americans whose families came here last year and last century and whose people were here when the rest of us arrived.

Americans who want to be safe at worship, at school, at theaters and concerts and stores. Americans who believe that there is absolutely no reason for civilians to own weapons of war.

Americans who expect — no, require — their political leaders to have the people’s best interests in mind, not their own. Americans who fear that our politicians have abandoned us.

Americans who deserve your loyalty to us, to fulfill your pledge to “faithfully execute the office of President of the United States.”

It is time for you and the other politicians to do your jobs, Mr. President.

Sincerely,  Rabbi Jennifer Singer, A Loyal American Jew

Brady meeting

This is what loyal Americans look like: A high school student addresses the crowd at the Sarasota Brady Campaign rally for smarter gun laws.