It’s November 26th in a year that has been close to disastrous. On a brighter note, Mars is closer to the moon tonight than it’s been in years.

Today was Thanksgiving. Nearly everyone I know had turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and pie.

For most of us, it was a nice day. No, it wasn’t the Thanksgiving we longed for, not the gatherings that we wish we could have had. Some of us were alone. Some may have cried waiting for the phone to ring, or smiled sadly at loved ones on computer screens. Still, it wasn’t a terrible day. Not for most of us.

On the news tonight, I saw hundreds of cars waiting in line for packages of food. They sat there for hours. I saw people who were frightened and hungry and ashamed, having a terrible day. It was one of hundreds of sites across the nation where the same scene played out. And it was heartbreaking.

Even before the pandemic, millions upon millions of American children were hungry. Right here in America. In Florida. In Sarasota, where I live.

Today there are millions more. Kids. Kids of all ages, all backgrounds, all religions. Kids who are too busy being hungry to look up at the stars.

I have blessings beyond blessings. And I know it’s wrong, but I’m feeling a little guilty. Even at its worst, my life is pretty terrific. I didn’t do anything to make people lose their jobs or to create poverty. I’m not responsible for Covid. I’m not responsible.

But our tradition says that I am indeed responsible. Judaism doesn’t let me off the hook, just because I’m not part of the problem. We Jews are required to be part of the solution.

Tomorrow night is Shabbat. There are hours before it’s time to light candles and begin our day of rest. I hope you will take a few moments during your day to support one of the groups that feed hungry people in our nation.

I’ve even done the research for you — here are five excellent organizations:

Feeding America – www.feedingamerica.org
Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger – www.mazon.org
All Faiths Food Bank (Sarasota) – www.allfaithsfoodbank.org
The AARP Foundation’s Drive to End Hunger – www.foundation.aarp.org
Meals on Wheels – www.mealsonwheels.org
Please support one or more of them. Tomorrow and again, and again, and again. Because one donation simply isn’t going to solve the problem. In fact, hunger isn’t going away, regardless of what you and I do. But that doesn’t matter either.

And don’t forget to step outside and appreciate the night sky.