It’s time to update the Passover Haikus, especially now that we’re experiencing our second year on-line (for many of us). Some new ones, some old ones, hopefully some funny ones. Chag Pesach Sameach! Have a happy Passover!

Mom’s new recipe

for brisket is a big hit.

Secret? Beer. Don’t tell.

Have no Haggadah?

Don’t remember the story?

Ask Rabbi Google.

Zoom seder again.

Will Elijah come tonight?

If he wears a mask.

Kids ask four questions.

Brother-in-law asks one more.

When do we eat? Oy!

Benefit of Zoom?

Seder is quiet and fun.

Mom muted Aunt Sue.

Pesach instructions:

Hide the afikomen well.

Next year, crumbs in couch.

Cooking and baking.

Oy! The matzah balls won’t float.

Our seder is doomed.

Tonight, four questions.

Tomorrow we ask again.

Expect new answers?


Questions and answers.

The story unfolds.  Hurry –

Soup is getting cold.

The Hagaddah says

“And you will tell your children.”

No kids? Borrow some.

And one more, from Nina Bernstein’s daughter:

On Passover we
Open a door for Elijah. Now our cat is gone.