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I seldom write prayers. Generally, I leave that to my friend Trisha Arlin, an incredibly talented liturgist.

So I surprised myself when I found the prayer below in a pile of scraps. It was scrawled in my handwriting and although I don’t remember the incident, I’m certain I wrote it.

It’s based on one of my favorite prayers to chant, the traditional three-part priestly blessing from Numbers 6:23-26:

May God bless you and protect you.

May God’s face shine on you, and show you favor.

May God’s face be lifted toward you, and bestow upon you peace.

God’s Face

I think I caught a glimpse of
Your face the other day.

I saw You – or someone who looked
an awful lot like You –

Sitting in a car at the light on Beneva Road.

A man with a cardboard sign in his hands knocked on Your window.

I couldn’t see what was written on it, but I can guess.

He was asking,  

Will You be God’s face today?

Will You be God’s hands today?

Will You be gracious unto me
and protect me?

Will You turn Your
countenance unto me and see

The true me, not the scruffy
beggar before You?

Will You look at me, face to
face, and grant me peace?

And you did. 

Blessed are You, who brings Peace.

This beautiful rendition of the Priestly Blessing in Hebrew was created by CamiFrancoDesignes and is sold in their store on Etsy.com. Definitely worth a visit!