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 A long time ago in Jerusalem there lived two brothers who were both farmers. They tended their crop on opposite sides of a hilltop. One brother was married and had a large family. The other lived alone. They farmed the land, and harvested equal amounts of produce. Every night the two brothers, each in his own home at opposite ends of the field, would lie awake in thought.

The brother with the large family would think to himself, “My brother is alone, and has no one to take care of him. Surely he needs more of the crop than I.” Meanwhile, the single brother wondered, “My brother has many children to feed. Surely he and his wife need more of the crop than I.”

And one night, long after midnight, each brother gathered bundles of wheat to give to his brother.  As they walked to the hilltop in the starlight, they saw each other.   Realizing what the other was doing, they dropped the wheat, held out their arms, and embraced. Weeping together, they realized the true meaning of brotherly love.

The hill on which their field sat was Mount Moriah, and the spot where the two brothers wept was to become the Holy Temple built by King Solomon in the heart of Jerusalem.

May the Children of Abraham meet there once again in peace.